Deforestation accounts for 10-30% of global annual CO2 emissions. Forests are felled to make room for agriculture, often monocultures of certain crops or cattle fields, and to answer our demand for timber products. When trees are cut down, they not only stop capturing CO2, they release captured carbon back into the atmosphere when burnt or left to rot. Approximately 5 soccer fields of forest are cut down every minute.

Climate change is a symptom of our non-sustainable way of life. Many climate change models have been run to date, all predicting various levels of catastrophic changes. Most agree planet earth will survive and evolution as well as other natural processes will continue to run course. However, most also agree, humans will take a very heavy hit if we do not adapt our lifestyles and economies immediately.

Marine habitats have been a sink for a third of our CO2 emissions to date and have reached their saturation point. More than 60% of CO2 captured by marine habitats is stored in soils and sediments which release CO2 back into the atmosphere when disturbed.