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Kinetic Tiles

  Hi everyone, it’s Tech Thursday again!   Today I will talk about Kinetic Tile Technology.   Kinetic floor tiles allow us to convert our steps into electricity! So how does this work? If you were thinking magic, you were wrong. Kinetic tiles work because certain materials will generate an electrical current when they are […]

Turning CO2 Into Rock

Happy Tech Thursday, everyone!   Today’s I will talk to you about turning CO2 into rock.   Carbon capture and storage (CCS) has been around for 50 years but despite being around for that long, it hasn’t been widely used because there aren’t a lot of techniques that are both efficient and cost-effective. Thankfully, this […]

Nanostructured Catalysts

Hi everyone, welcome to another Green Tech Thursday.   Today’s topic is 3-D hierarchically porous nanostructured catalysts.   Our fanciest title so far! To simplify that a little bit, today we will learn about a catalyst that converts CO2 (carbon dioxide) to CO (carbon monoxide). Carbon dioxide levels have skyrocketed after the industrial revolution and […]


Hi everyone, welcome back to another Green Tech Thursday!   Today we are learning about Graphene.   First things first, what is graphene? Graphene is a form of carbon that is one atom thick. Yes, you heard that right. One. Single. Atom. Thick. To put that into perspective, that is 1 million times thinner than […]

Small-Scale Nuclear Reactors

Hi everyone, welcome to another Green Tech Thursday!   Today’s topic is small-scale nuclear reactors.   Nuclear energy is a very controversial form of generating electricity. Nuclear energy is very reliable and has no emissions. Nuclear power plants are also relatively cheap to run, so why are they controversial? Well, accidents such as the Chernobyl […]

Dyson CSYS: A Light That Lasts

Hello everyone, welcome back to another Green Tech Thursday.   Today we are going to talk about light bulbs. More specifically, really good light bulbs.   In the United States alone, it is estimated that 670 million fluorescent light bulbs are going to waste on an annual basis. Due to 670 million light bulbs finding […]

Environmentally Conscious Cargo Ships

Hi everyone, happy Green Tech Thursday!   Today’s topic is Environmentally Conscious Cargo Shipping.   The shipping industry is an incredibly polluting industry. There are about 90,000 active cargo ships, which produce 18-30% of the entire world’s NOx emissions! NOx emissions are responsible for smog, acid rain, fine particles—which we inhale—and ground level smog, which […]

Plant-Based Plastic

Welcome back to another Green Tech Thursday!   Today’s topic is plastic, or rather, plant-based plastic.   It’s no secret that plastic is being used on a global scale and with many, many uses. Plastic plays such a huge role in everything we do, so much so that more than 300 million metric tons of […]

Biodiversity? We have all heard that term but what does it mean?

Biodiversity is the diversity of life, from plants to animals to microorganisms and fungi. The more biodiverse the planet, the better. Biodiversity is important because each creature has a function within the grand scheme of things that we biologists like to refer to as their ecosystem and their biome. We can measure biodiversity by looking […]

Mangroves… What if we lost them all?

Mangrove trees are very unique as they can grow in saltwater habitats. Mangroves line the coastlines of the tropics and cover an area of approximately 16 million hectares. This is only 0.39% of the global forest coverage. One hectare of mangroves is estimated to be worth US$193 000. According to Pendelton et al, the world […]